We can help you demystify ecommerce SEO by breaking tactics and results down into the language that you speak – sales, ROI and KPIs.

Search engine optimisation news grab headlines, but good SEO strategy is all about good business strategy.

  • On-page: use technical data and analytics in order to map out a great user-experience on your website – will increase engagement metrics.
  • Off-page: increase your authority in Google’s eyes with a credible portfolio of backlinks, brand mentions and social shares – will have a positive rankings impact.

Ecommerce SEO boils down to having a user-friendly site (both desktop and mobile) that is trusted by search engines. Use our SEO audits and strategies to increase your organic sales and be more profitable as a business.

Digital marketing for your ecommerce business

Online marketing strategy is about looking for ways to naturally market your business by creating great content and reaching out to influencers and publishers. This is link building done the right way.

We can help you plan and implement B2C & B2B campaigns in order to raise your brand’s profile and help you increase online sales. Here are just some of the ways that we can raise brand awareness:

  • Targeted digital PR campaigns
  • Influencer & blogger outreach
  • Content marketing
  • Local SEO

What is good ecommerce SEO?

Ecommerce SEO should be sales and target-led. We make sure that we keep things:

  • Strategic and long-term
  • Measurable and effective
  • Financially justified

We want to ensure that we offer real value and we only use tactics and methods that we would feel comfortable using on our own online ventures. We guarantee methods that are completely safe (and actually work). Our SEO consultants will work with you on a mixture of on-page technical SEO and off-site link building to make sure that we get balanced results. Reporting is something that we all rely on for our own businesses – we take it seriously. We’ll share monthly targets and KPIs with you to make sure we’re all on the same page

Search engine optimisation and sales

SEO can help your sales strategy whether that’s through specific product marketing, or a more overall rankings boost.

We love to work with ecommerce businesses and merchants who are willing to embrace the benefits that good SEO can bring to any business – whether growing, or established. Selling through search engines can be competitive, but we’ve got solid sales strategies to help you succeed in any market.

Strategic SEO works best when it joins up with all your different marketing channels like PPC, email, social media, affiliates etc.