Magento Development

What is Magento?

Magento is a system that a majority of e-commerce websites use to manage their content, stock lists, and customer records – long story short, a pretty important tool for anyone with an online business!

It supports a web template system that generates similar pages and allows you to customise themes.

Magento themes can be designed and installed through such means as PHP, HTML, and CSS. Furthermore developers have created Magento plugins, which help to extend the basic functionality of the Magento system simply by uploading them to your server.

Magento is also beneficial for those of you who run multiple e-commerce sites, as it’s integration features allow you to hold several different domain names in one control panel, meaning you can manage more than one store front at a time. It allows you to create and use multiple features on your site, from Marketing and Promotional tools, to Catalogue Management, and even Customer Service.

Why do you need Magento eCommerce?

The Magento system is a very useful and easy tool to use once you get the hang of it. We’d go as far as saying that it’s the best e-commerce system available these days!

It provides multiple services in once package, and saves you the hassle of signing up for multiple subscriptions on various tools that you think you’re going to need to set up a functional website. It keeps records of stock, customer records, and allows you to build, design and function your website in one control panel, as well as customer service and promotional tools!

As crammed and as complicated as that sound, it is supported and used by web developers all around the world, who can do the work so you don’t have to.

What can our Magento Website Developers do for you?

With the help of us here at Orb Online, we can design and build your Magento websites and create a system that functions the way you need it to, with the expertise knowledge of our Magento Developer. Our experienced web developers have many years of Magento system work under their belts and have a great understanding of Magento functionality, as well as the plugins and extensions we can use to create a fully functional system that is easy for you to maintain.

To start, we will consult you on the build of your website, discussing the design and functions that you would wish to see featured, and the plugins and magento extensions we shall use to make this happen.

On a separate development website, we will craft a new site for you to try and test until you are completely happy with the build and design with the website, considering such factors as the look, the content and brand, and the accessibility of your website.

We will then undergo quality control, testing the full functionality to ensure that your e-commerce sites can run without any foreseeable glitches and errors, so all of the built features and plugins are working as planned.

Once you are happy, and we have undergone all of our checks, your new e-commerce site shall be set live, and your website will be well underway!

Other Magento Services

We also have the ability to migrate your existing e-commerce platforms into Magento. Older systems are quickly becoming out-dated or unsupported, and even quicker than ever due to the on-going development of new CMS and web build systems, so we offer a service in which we will transfer your existing e-commerce system into a Magento format.

Furthermore, we offer individual Magento services, not just full builds. Whether you require web design services or development work, we have a variety of small builds that can be done and delivered to you in no time whatsoever.

We also offer SEO & PPC services to help create and cater the content for your Magento CMS, ensuring you not only have a website that works, but is highly visible.